For all health matters, one should consult a qualified medical practitioner.

Peter Golding provides a free service by scanning your body with his hand and asking for a reaction of the dowsing pendulum at points where spiritual healing is indicated.

By asking a series of eliminating questions the pendulum will respond with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reactions.

The appropriate amount of spiritual healing energy is then focussed onto the spine to travel to where it is most required.

chakras Using the pendulum. Dowsing over a figure representing someone with a problem, can be just one good method of seeking the source of their problem and to check on the healthy state of their chakras.

dowsing for health and healing

People have frequently said that they experience warmth or formication at certain points during the spiritual healing process.

At no time is there any physical contact between Peter and the sufferer and the exercise is conducted with him/her fully clothed.

There is no charge for this Gift from God, but a discreet, sealed, opaque donation box is available for any contribution you may wish to make.

Just published and available in time for Christmas - Dowsing for Health and Spiritual Healing

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