“A satisfied client who has not needed to pay for mains water on his family’s dairy farm at Brinkworth, Wiltshire, since 2005 when a borehole was drilled at the point dowsed by Peter Golding over Oxford Clay and Mudstone, both particularly unreliable as an aquifer.

Groundwater was found in a very narrow seam of flint and mica at 28 metres depth, and the ‘rest level’ in the borehole rose to 15 metres below the surface, resulting in a flow rate of 8 gallons/minute (490 gallons/hour). This flow rate continued until the particularly dry months without rainfall in 2012 when the flow rate fell but still provided sufficient water for the farm’s requirements.

Now in 2013, after the many months of rainfall which followed this period of drought, the flow rate from the borehole is back up to its original value and providing valuable service.”

Mr E G Ryall

“I have used the dowsing services of Peter Golding for a very long time and have found him to be remarkably accurate in finding the best location for me to drill for sources of groundwater. I have never had a dry borehole from any of the locations he has dowsed where the geology had indicated that there could be sub-strata capable of holding water. On one occasion he predicted the drill would strike water at a depth of 34 feet; when the drill reached precisely that depth there was an abundant source of water. I continue to use his services and would recommend him highly.”

Driller, name available on request

“Thank you for your assistance in locating the 12” rising main carrying sewage at Monmouth. Your predictions of location were spot on and it saved us many hours, possibly days, of trying to search for what would have been a needle in a haystack.”

Name available on request
Civil Engineer
September 2012

Since then he recommended me to another engineer in the county, where I dowsed the precise route of a sewer pipe near a proposed building extension, which convinced the architect he should modify the planned layout. These dowsing activities save the engineers much time and expense.